Search & Notification
Approx. Time/Cost

Grant Search



Match your technology, area of interest or industry to thousands of opportunities available each year in all 18 procurements from all 10 participating SBIR & STTR agencies, Federal Extra mural Funding Opportunities, and California granting agencies.

We recommend your
initial search be done by Regional Technology Alliance. Regional Technology Alliance Services charges apply. Costs vary by type of company and initial analysis of technology.


Monthly Grant Watch &

Program Management


Search for suitable SBIR/STTR, ATP, Federal Extramural and State Provided Grants suitable for your technology by project.

Keeping tract of suitable SBIR/STTR, ATP, Federal Extramural and State Provided Grants suitable for your technology. Report includes analysis of how to position your project to meet the grant objectives. Each month you receive a timeline of appropriate grants, with due dates

·$300/Mo Retainer +

$35 per Notification

Proposal Analysis/Outline
Approx. Time/Cost

Proposal Outline


We provide, for some of the SBIR/STTR agencies, a proposal outline, formatted correctly. We include sub-sections in this outline that are not listed in the instructions that, in our experience, we know the reviewers often want to see.

We only provide this outline for SBIR/STTR
and if we have it
already available due to work with a client. NIH, NSF and DOD SBIR outlines are usually available for $200.

Pre-Proposal Evaluation. Grant Requirements, Review and Analysis.

This evaluates your project suitability for the specific SBIR program. We research the major issues, which may include teleconference calls with the agency program manager, then conduct an in-depth, strategic planning discussion with you to help you evaluate your projects' potential.
3-5 HRS

Preparation of Customized Proposal Outline

This includes the pre-Proposal Evaluation, Grant Requirements Review and Analysis mentioned above. We further help you develop your project-specific basic outline. We work with you to discuss suitability of your personnel, resources, research plan, and feasibility analysis sections.

6-8 HRS
Proposal Management
Approx. Time/Cost
Proposal Management


Including Proposal Resubmission











This is a broad category that provides all of the above and below as necessary to increase your chances of winning. We work closely with you and your staff to evaluate the suitability of your project for the RFP, including suggestions for other RFP’s that might also be applicable for your technology. We help you with strategy, which includes evaluation and suggestions for your key personnel requirements, resources, consultants’ qualifications, budget, research plan, graphics, feasibility plan, commercialization plan and strategic letters of support. Several teleconferences per week between you, your consultants, your strategic partners and/or the agency are usually scheduled. We ensure you are using the correct forms and help educate you and your staff about compliance issues.





40-160 HRS

10% discount on
basic rate +
1% Success Bonus

We usually work with
our client to arrange a “budget” of 60 hours, which for a new grant/start-up company will require extensive teamwork with company personnel to not
go over-budget. For a company that already
has commercial products or has submitted
grants before, we sometimes come in
under budget. We
let you know mid-project, the status of the
budget so you
can provide additional
help or approve us performing the extra
work for you.

Other Services
Approx. Time/Cost
Proposal Editing


We have excellent technical writers who make themselves familiar with the RFP to help with editing and writing clarity. They provide an important “fresh eye” for how your application appears to someone who has never seen it before and mistakes that escape the eye of the writer. This service often includes one or more explanatory teleconference calls and discussion about your presentation. Some graphics assistance can be done if necessary for clarification.

6-8 HRS
unless extensive revision
is necessary.

Our junior technical writers range
from $30/hr. to $50/hr.

Other Assistance


· Budget and Forms
· Market Studies
· Competitive Analysis
· Contract/Certification Issues
· Secretarial help
· Graphics design
· Business Plan Writing