our mission

Leveraging the science and business basics of our vast skill-set to assist biotech firms successfully procure government grants that fund research of their promising innovative technologies.

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The staff of a young and growing company or the new project division of a more mature company is often too busy to deal with the details required in grant writing. Government grants require very targeted specific aims that are within the mission of the funding agency, with measurable outcomes that can be quantified. The technical merit and feasibility must be clearly expressed. Compliance with proper format and qualifications must be within the guidelines. Furthermore, for SBIR grants, the review committee must clearly understand the commercial value of the project, and trust that the company has the potential to commercialize the product. Researchers who are either extremely busy and/or inexperienced at grant writing often overlook these requirements. For most government grants, there is a two tier process of grant review, and the grant application can be rejected for administrative reasons, even before the scientific staff gets a chance to look at it.

Due to the stringent requirements of the government grant review process, there is significant advantage in having someone on the team who has dealt with the system before. SciBiz Services can help with those details due to our experience and business-science educational background. We specialize in SBIR/STTR grants, which require a well-written business plan for innovative technologies. We work with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics companies that have emerging, cutting-edge technologies that deserve government funding. We offer assistance in many areas besides writing, including keeping track of announcements of new grants that might be appropriate for your technology.

We offer a background in biotech commercialization, with skills in business to help you describe your technology in such a way that will be appealing to the granting agency. We have representation with expertise in research, regulatory, management, marketing and finance to work with your staff to present your project in the best light. That way, your technical staff can concentrate on what they do best, which is to bring to the table the excitement and importance of their projects.